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We had a wonderful seminar speaker in January 28, 2014 about Multipotentialites: Emilie Wapnick.

The handout is here.

A full list of slides and resources from her evening presentation at available at:


Slides and resources from the January 29 professional development presentation made to educators are available at:



Besides Emilie's site, puttylike.com, you may also find these articles of interest:

Read about some examples of chlidren who have talents and interests in many areas in Tamara Fisher's August 11, 2010 article "Multipotentiality" on her blog, Unwrapping the Gifted.

Lisa Rivero speaks to "the stress and indecision of being well-rounded" in her Psychology Today article, "Multipotentiality: When High Ability Leads to Too Many Options".

The problem of many interests: in the article "Are You a Scanner?" by Barbara Sher says that "scanners often describe themselves as being hopelessly interested in everything



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