GT Ambassadors: Learning and Sharing

GT Ambassadors: Learning and Sharing

by Alicia Archer
JAGC GT Ambassador, Little Elementary School


My story may sound familiar to others with GT kids as I know I am not alone. When we received my daughter’s CoGAT results, I was filled with anxiety. Although I felt proud and excited for her, my thoughts turned to panic with the realization that big decisions had to be made with regard to schooling that could definitely affect my daughter’s future. My year-long research process left me confused, overwhelmed and frustrated, so I took a proactive stance and set out to improve opportunities for my GT kid and others at our school by becoming a JAGC GT Ambassador.

JAGC is so helpful to GT families by providing valuable information, resources and free seminars. The Ambassador program exists so that fellow Ambassadors and I can positively assist families through what can often be a long and lonely journey. After some online study, Ambassadors attend a short webinar with a board member who can answer any questions and offer suggestions related to the role. At our school I recently started a GT parent support group and am available as a contact for families with questions or concerns. I like to help others to feel more empowered when advocating for their GT kiddo.

Wouldn’t it be great if some day all Jeffco schools had knowledgeable GT Ambassadors available to positively guide GT families and who could also work together to suggest best practices for families and teachers concerning learning, appropriate curriculum and social-emotional components related to GT kids? I encourage any of you who want to make a difference in the lives of GT kids, to become a GT ambassador for your school. Not only will you learn a lot along the way, you will also be an invaluable resource to others.


To learn more about the role of JAGC Ambassador and sign up, please visit the JAGC GT Ambassador website here