Jeffco Public Schools GT

JAGC is pleased to have a collaborative relationship with the Jeffco GT Department as they work to support the needs of gifted learners at the district’s schools. Lots of information on their website.

The Jeffco Gifted and Talented Staff is composed of the director, resource teachers and support staff who serve all 154 schools (K-12) in the Jefferson County Public School District.

Each GT Resource Teacher is assigned to particular schools, providing individual, whole staff, and small group staff development, as well as consultation to teachers and administrators regarding meet the needs of gifted students through:
• Identification of gifted and talented students
• Co-planning and co-teaching
• Assistance in developing programming and clustering
• Assistance with record keeping and goal setting

A student's teacher works with parents and students to set ALP goals. Each school has a GT Building Liaison, a member of the school staff who disseminates info from the GT Department to the individual school's community. Click here for links to determine who the Building Liaison and the GT Resource Teacher are for your Jeffco school and their contact info.

GT Parent Seminars are offered throughout the school year and you can sign up for informative emails from the GT Dept here.

Blanche Kapushion Dr. Blanche Kapushion Director
Shannon Rood-Wright Shannon Rood-Wright Secretary to Director
Krista Corthell Krista Corthell GT Technician
Trevor Robinson Trevor Robinson Office Support
Diana Caldiera Diana Caldeira Resource Teacher
Marla Cariness Marla Caviness-French Resource Teacher
Jenny Frederickson Jenny Fredrickson Resource Teacher
Cindy Fitorb Cindy Gifford Resource Teacher
Tonyia Heffley Tonia Heffley Resource Teacher
Penelope Heinigk Dr. Penelope Heinigk Resource Teacher
Ben Hershelman Ben Hershelman Resource Teacher
Jessica Howard Jessica Howard Resource Teacher
Paula Jacque Bonneau Paula Jacques-Bonneau Resource Teacher
Jan Martin Janet Martin Resource Teacher
Ben Reed Ben Reed Resource Teacher
Lindsey Reinert Lindsey Reinert Resource Teacher
Mark Mishou Mark Mishou Resource Teacher
Rick Shade Dr. Rick Shade Resource Teacher
Matt Wilkinson Matthew Wilkinson Resource Teacher
Alicia Brown Alicia Brown GT Center Counselor
Lisa Fiess Lisa Fiess GT Center Counselor
Laurie Perea Laurie Perea GT Center Counselor
Erin Shea Erin Shea GT Center Counselor





Researcher Backs Accelerated Schooling for Students Who are Gifted

Educators may be preventing students who are gifted from advancing to higher grade levels out of misplaced fears about their social welfare, says Australian researcher Miraca Gross.

GT Organizations

#gtchat: An Hour of Online GT Connection

Twice a week there is an opportunity to discuss GT issues in a moderated forum for an hour with folks from all over the world.



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