Look over the ALP Life Cycle for a better understanding about how and when your student's Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is developed and discussed.  After a GT student is identified and the ALP is created, parent-teacher conferences are an important time to make sure your student's ALP is updatted and progressing through each school year.


about Jeffco ALPs

The students ALP should be like a blueprint that maps out what students hope to learn and accomplish in their area of strength. By becoming autonomous with guidance from home and school the benefits are endless. When students become independent learners and self advocates they will:

Take control of their learning

Have a deeper understanding of their learning style and become strength based learners

Become driver in improving their education

Acquire learning skills that will apply to learning situations in life

Will develop a greater sense of their abilities and become autonomous

Read more about the ALP Process on Jeffco Public Schools GT website. The ALP Process and the roles of educators, parents and students in Jeffco are described here.


from the Colo. Dept of Education

ALP "Fast Facts" (.pdf)

ALP Blended with ICAP (.pdf)


Jeffco Public Schools ALP Info here

ALP Survey Report

In September 2012, CDE conducted its Gifted Education Review (C-GER) in Jeffco. As part of the C-GER process, a parent focus group was formed to provide feedback on their experiences with gifted identification, programming and accountability. Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) rose to the surface as an area that needed to be addressed. As a result, in collaboration with Jefferson County Association of Gifted (JAGC), an online survey was developed and distributed to all
parents who currently have a child with an ALP in Jeffco. The survey was distributed via email through a Google link. The link was open for parent response from Dec. 18, 2012 through January 22, 2013.

Following review of the responses, an Action Plan was made to fortify the implementation of the ALP process.

This will include an Advanced Learning Plan Parent/Student Seminar and also an Advanced Learning Plan Teacher Seminar, both to be be scheduled for fall 2013 to address the purpose of ALPs, laws and statutes that require ALPS, introduce the Jeffco ALP Lifecycle Chart for Elementary and NAVIANCE and how to access a student’s ALP.

Read about the parent responses to the survey and the action plan here. Thank you to the Jeffco GT staff for hearing concerns, asking questions, and taking action!