Jeffco Public School District GT Facts

Some information and links about Gifted and Talented in Jefferson County Public Schools:

Jeffco Public Schools' leadership is visually shown in this 2013-2014 organizational chart.

Jeffco Schools' Gifted and Talented is in the Department of Student Success, which in turn is supervised by the Chief Academic Officer.

Jefferson County has over 8,831 public school students identified as gifted and talented students, just over 10% of its student population (2011-12 school year).

The distribution between males and females is 50/50. The population is both age and ethnically diverse.

The Jeffco Schools Gifted and Talented office is comprised of one Director and 8 Resource Teachers (RTs) who provide service and management of ALPs to the 8,831 students (or roughly 1 Resource Teacher for 1,100 GT students).

Jeffco Schools' GT office receives $174,000 from the Jeffco School District general fund for school year 2011-2012. The remaining 82% of the Jeffco GT department’s budget is provided by Colorado Department of Education grant money for a total of $960,000. There is no federal grant money for GT.

Jeffco Public Schools is comprised of 154 schools and many programs on 185 campuses. The schools are clustered into articulation areas for the purpose of building community between the elementary, middle and high schools. The Chief School Effectiveness Officer, executive directors of school effectiveness and school achievement directors lead continuous school improvement by monitoring and evaluating school effectiveness, student achievement and implementation of curriculum in each of the district's schools. See what members of the effectiveness team serve your neighborhood or option school here. More information on charter schools here.

The Jeffco School District's Policy for Gifted Education can be found here

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